Welcome Hollister's First Mobile Groomer

The Beginning:

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website! My name is Rhonna Dias and I am the owner and founder of Doggone Dirty Mobile Pet Wash. For the past few years I have been working closely with the pets of Hollister, it has been so rewarding, educational and more than I ever had expected. Just four years ago this business was just a dream and it is now a growing reality. Before I began this business I was a local hairdresser for fifteen years. My daughter Mimi started the business with me and has been working side by side with me for the past four years. She is 20 years old and very passionate about animals. When she was younger she worked at a local grooming shop and has also volunteered her time at the local animal shelter.


Our newest addition is my oldest daughter Dayna; she is 22 and has just recently graduated from Madeline’s Pet Grooming Institute in Santa Clara. She has completed more than 600 hours of daily hands on grooming. We just brought home our second mobile van, it to is a Waggin Tails conversion from back east; however, it is a smaller version; since she will be specializing in the smaller breeds. She enjoys working on the lets say "foo-foo" dogs! She too worked at the local grooming shop and was a manager for Gilroy’s Petsmart. She is also very passionate about animals and has worked with them and their owners for the past 6 years. She is also certified in dog first aid and CRP by PetTech.

Dog Dock Diving:

We are almost done although my wonderful builders (hubby mark) vacation is over and he had to go back to work he swears if it kills him we will be able to get in and out next weekend so everybody hope for warm sunny days and we will start jumping!! Dont forget to visit our new online store we are adding things daily and adding pics of our favorite dogs so go online and see if your dogs are there and if there is any dog item you want and have trouble finding let me know I will try to get it.
www.doggonedirtystuff.com coming soon a site for beautiful embroiderd collars (ashley) I will let you know when that site is up and running ! Thanks Rhonna Dias

DISCLAIMER: Participating in Doggone diry Dock Dogs competitions WILL result in an addiction and desire to be with your dog & travel all over the country to watch your dog jump off of a dock! Joining a DockDogs Club will only make your addiction stronger and may be a difficult habit to break! Welcome to the Doggone Dirty DockDogs Family!